when everything stops, nature keeps going

a virtual solo exhibit


Originally from a small town in the countryside of South of Brazil, Ciane's first passion was to explore the immense diversity of cultures around the World during her career as a fashion model. Since her teens Ciane has lived in more than 14 different countries, which has shaped much of what she today calls as a process of identity loss and reconstruction of one self, that is strongly reflected in her work.

Ciane's first encounter with her inner artist, started in the Philippines while painting the walls of her new apartment. As she describes, "My Journey started when I was doodling the walls of my living room, I drew freely without any restrains,daydreaming about my life experiences and materializing personal emotions. I realized that my soul be the real artist and my hands were the bridge between two different worlds". This was a turning point in her life when she decided to follow a childhood passion for drawing and to emerge herself into art.

Since then, she has taught herself to paint and sculpt, learning about different materials and integrating it into her work. Through Pop Culture Ciane explores the boundaries of today's society, touching upon globalization and the distractions of the millennial Era. The Characters serve as exploration of the human soul, symbolizing power, fragility, vulnerability and eternity but retaining a sense of vagueness to encourage a dialogue and question the viewer.

Solo Exhibitions:
· Imperfect 2015 Secret Fresh
· Sweet Little Things 2016 Paseo Gallery
· Loss of Identity 2018 Secret Fresh Gallery
· 2019 The Other Side Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery

Group Exhibitions:
· 2014 Fetishes, Manifesto Gallery
· 2015 Construct, Manifesto Gallery
· 2015 Las Mujeres y la Tierra, Ayala Group
· 2016 Fett Boy, Secret Fresh Gallery
· 2016 Mild encounter , Kapitana Gallery
· 2017 Equidistant Night Provenance Gallery
· 2017 X Gallery Orange
· 2018 Planes of Existence Art Cube Gallery
· 2019 The Iconic Chair Reimagined Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery
· 2019 Two Sides to Every Story Provenance Gallery
· 2019 Sketches and Drawings, Kapitana Gallery Bacolod
· 2019 More than I, Galerie Stephanie PH
· 2019 Boundaries with out Borders Art Cube Philippines
· 2019 Judas left the conversation Underground Gallery
· 2020 Inevitably Imperfect Vinyl on Vinyl
· 2020 Arthouse Vinyl on vinyl
· 2020 keep contemporary gallery Santa Fe USA

Art Fairs:
· 2017 Art Fair Philippines Paseo Gallery
· 2018 Art Fair Philippines Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery
· 2019 Art Fair Philippines Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery
· 2019 Art Fair Philippines Toy Launch with Secret Fresh Gallery
· 2019 Discovery art Fair Frankfurt, Germany
· 2019 Asia Now Paris, France
· 2020 Alt Philippines
· 2020 Art Fair Philippines District Gallery
· 2020 Art Fair Philippines Paseo Gallery