when everything stops, nature keeps going

a virtual solo exhibit


“When everything stops, nature keeps going, thus we reconnect again”

“They all occupied the same space but did not occupy it together. Imagine a thousand leaves of tracing paper, each with one person lightly penciled on it, all stacked atop a scene of a frozen city block. A thousand discreet and solitary realities that appear to be occurring in the same location.”

- From American Novelist, Doug Dorst

The body of these artworks is an exploration into the human psyche: an inquest of physical truth. These realities are interconnected to each other and yet they do not meet one another - it is as if the past, present, and future exist in a single space where there is no notion of time, and where everything becomes possible. It is a single compounded reality paralleled to each other, yet oblique. It tells a story about a time when human activity has halted and nature takes over, and all that was left was the simple awareness of our existence and records of our own perceptions, individual expressions, and a unique realization that nothing is permanent, and how humans connect to their natural state.

Ciane Xavier creates a virtual world where the impossible becomes possible, and the artworks gain their reality into the physical life of the gallery space.